Property prices are predicted to rise in late 2019

09 Jan 2019

Economist Stephen Koukoulas predicts very positive late 2019 and 2020 with additional 2%-3% rise across Sydney, NSW.

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Thank You from Property Nest Team

19 Dec 2018

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2019 Kitchen Design Trends

18 Dec 2018

2019 kitchen design trends are well and truly making their presence known. And what I can assure you of is that these new styles are quite different to the kitchen looks of years gone by.

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How to minimise risk when letting property for short-term/holiday

17 Dec 2018

More than 140,000 householders and investors who list their houses and apartments on short-stay rental websites over the summer holidays could be placing their assets and their financial stability at risk.

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What if property is damaged before settlement?

13 Dec 2018

The legal position of a purchaser and vendor when a property that is the subject of a sale is damaged after exchange of contracts but before settlement.

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Tenant legal rights in NSW

10 Dec 2018

More Australians are renting than ever before – in many areas of Sydney more than half of households are tenants. As this number has increased, so too have calls for increased rental protections and tenancy rights. Here’s what you need to know if you’re renting in Australia.

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Strategic plan to sell home in 2019

03 Dec 2018

The property market tends to hibernate throughout January, which creates challenges and opportunities for vendors.
While activity is slower in January, listing early in the year can give vendors a jump start.

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Reserve Bank of Australia shows confidence of Australia’s Economic Future

22 Nov 2018

GDP growth and labour market conditions had been stronger than the Bank had expected over the last twelve months, and unemployment being only 5%.

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Marina Square Wentworth Point Grand Opening

19 Nov 2018

Marina Square is celebrating the Grand Opening with a five-day celebration and everybody is invited

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Home Office Hacks for Small Spaces

16 Nov 2018

6 Home Office Hacks That'll Save You Tons of Space

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Curious questions to ask Real Estate Agent when buying a property

13 Nov 2018

The selling agent is your key point of contact throughout the process, and may hold more information about the property than can be gleaned from the listing or an inspection.

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Real Estate October Market Update Postcode 2127

12 Nov 2018

With credit availability remaining tight and rising inventory levels, we are expecting there will be further downwards pressure on housing values as we move through spring and into summer and the New Year.

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Real Estate Market Update Postcode 2127

08 Nov 2018

October 2018 ‘Around the Bay’ report for postcode 2127.
Citing tighter credit conditions as a contributor to slower housing activity and lower dwelling values across Australia, CoreLogic head of research
Tim Lawless said, “the latest results take the annual decline across the national index to 3.5%, signaling the weakest macro-housing market conditions since February 2012, with our hedonic home value index reporting a 0.5% fall in dwelling values nationally in October.”

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Sydney Olympic Park Among the Healthiest Suburbs in NSW

17 Oct 2018

The desire for a healthy lifestyle plays a pivotal role when deciding where to live. Recent study conducted by Deloitte Access Economics and Tract Consultants discovered that Sydney Olympic Park rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and is among the healthiest suburbs in NSW.

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Real Estate Market Update Postcode 2127

09 Oct 2018

Reports are showing that Sydney is out of the "Bubble Risk" while remaining the most expensive city in Australia creating new jobs, population growth and strong economy.

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To Buy or Not to Buy?

09 Oct 2018

The lending landscape in Australia certainly has changed a lot over the past 12 months and there has been an increased focus on the serviceability of loans, and talk of some investors needing to sell when their interest-free periods expire. The question to ask is: is this the type of property I should be buying and are they worth waiting for?

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The Color Run Hero Tour – Sydney Olympic Park

04 Oct 2018

The Happiest 5k on the planet is back this year with brand new superhero-themed tour!

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Sydney Is Out Of The Bubble Risk

03 Oct 2018

While the top end of the market is suffering from a lack of buyers for prestige homes, Sydney's inner and middle-ring outperforming the averages.

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Market Update 2018- PropertyNest End of Financial Year

12 Jul 2018

The financial year that went and where is the property market heading....

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Thousands of owners on narrow blocks set to benefit under NSW government changes to housing code

20 Apr 2018

 Owners of small, narrow properties who never thought their blocks were suitable for development are set to benefit under new statewide planning laws designed to fast-track medium-density housing in NSW.

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Selling Your Property in Autumn

17 Apr 2018

Spring is traditionally seen as the best time to sell a property, when the weather is warming up and buyers become more active. However, there are a number of studies which have revealed that autumn is equally as good, if not better than spring, to sell a residential property.


The benefits of selling in autumn

1. Less competition. There are often ...

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